Open Season




Notice of opening of the Annual Subscription Process (Non-Binding and Binding Phase), 2021.


Adriatic LNG opens the 2021 to offer long-term LNG regasification services.

The procedure is open and takes place in two phases, the Non-Binding Phase that starts on September 24th, 2021 and ends on November 25th, 2021 at 17.00 C.E.T. and the Binding Phase that starts on November 26th, 2021 and ends on December 23rd at 17.00 C.E.T.


The catalogue of Products is available here 

The Regasification Code and the Implementing Auction Rules for annual Capacity allocation are available here:

Regasification Code
Implementing Auction Rules

Interested operators are invited to execute the Declaration of Interest available here.

As always, Adriatic LNG remains available to illustrate its service proposal.

Contact: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it


Annex and Forms:








Adriatic LNG provides details on the launch of the   in the information leaflet.






Following the success of the public consultation on the , Adriatic LNG welcome gas and/or LNG market players interested in this very attractive opportunity to subscribe long-term regasification capacity with a major energy infrastructure operator in the Mediterranean area, the interested shippers are kindly invited to execute the Confidentiality Agreement available here, and send a digital copy to alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it.


Please note that this is an informal preparatory phase only, it is not the prequalification phase 1 or binding phase 2 of the  





News Published

Adriatic LNG invites all interested parties to contribute to the public consultation related to the products to be allocated in the "Open Season" procedure for the sale of the regasification capacity not subject to exemption, pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of 8th July 2020 and ARERA resolution 576/2020 / R / Gas, concerning the access to the regasification service for periods longer than the thermal year.


The text is available at this link


Adriatic LNG has prepared a list of FAQ to answer the most frequent questions and comments during the consultation.

If you do not find the answer to your question, write to the e-mail box:
alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it and you will be contacted promptly.


The consultation is open until 22nd March 2021