Additional Services

To date, 80% of the regasification capacity of Adriatic LNG’s terminal has been allocated to Edison for a period of 25 years (until 2034). The remaining 20% (equivalent to approximately 1.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas, corresponding to about 18 LNG carriers per year), together with any capacity not consumed by its users, is offered on the market through capacity subscription procedures and can be purchased by all parties interested in working in the gas market – both nationally and Europe-wide – on an annual, monthly and spot basis.

Having always been committed to delivering innovative services that create added value for its customers and increase the competitiveness and safety of the Italian gas system, Adriatic LNG provides additional flexibility services:


  • Temporary storage service or peak shaving, involves the use of LNG stored in tanks, for emergency situations occurring in the domestic gas system.
  • Adjustment to gas redelivery volumes to support Snam Rete Gas in balancing the national system.
  • Temporary storage and flexibility services, to allow users to modulate their redelivery profile according to their needs.