Legal notes


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  1.1 Terms and Conditions and Applicable Laws and Regulations

Access to and use of this Website (hereinafter "Website") and, where applicable, of the related services and interface units (hereinafter "Services") are subject to compliance with the present Terms and Conditions and with current applicable laws and regulations. Access to the Website and use of the Services constitutes acceptance, by the user, of the present terms and conditions. Terminale GNL Adriatico Srl (hereinafter, "Terminal") may change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. It is the user’s responsibility to access and review the terms and conditions on a regular basis and to be aware of any changes made. The use, by the user, of the Website and Services after any changes to these terms and conditions constitutes acceptance of the same.


  1.2 Website Security

Unauthorized individuals attempting to access the restricted areas of the Website and / or to breach the security measures protecting the Website may be subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution under applicable laws. In particular, and as mere examples, the following behaviours are to be considered prohibited: (i) unauthorised accessing of and / or attempted unauthorised accessing of restricted areas of the Website, (ii) accessing of data and / or information and / or Services to which one is not entitled, (iii) attempting to test and / or analyse the security and vulnerability of the Website’s computer system or network, (iv) tampering,  acts of piracy and attempts to neutralize or overcome the security measures and / or authentication procedures designed to protect the Website, (v) transmitting, in any manner, of programs containing viruses and / or other types of program  with the intention of damaging, destroying, or interrupting the normal operation of the computers or the operation of the Website and / or Services, (vi) fraudulent intercepting and / or acquiring of data and information, (vii) engaging in any activity which is even only potentially capable of interfering with the regular use of the Website by users and the host or network, by means of activities, such as, but not limited to, those commonly known as "overloading", "mailbombing "or" crashing " the information system.

The user who, for whatever reason, accesses the Website and Services undertakes to refrain from transmitting any unsolicited messages not related to the use of the Website and / or Services, and not to engage in any activities commonly referred to as"spamming".

The user accessing, for whatever reason, the Website and Services is also prohibited from:

a)  using them in order to violate the intellectual property rights of others, for example, copyright and patent rights on brands or industrial inventions. Should Terminal have reasonable grounds to suspect such a behaviour on the part of the user, Terminal will have the right to take appropriate measures to deal with any offences perpetrated;

b)       sending and/or transmitting in any way, or using the Website and /or Services in order to encourage the communication and diffusion of,  illegal, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, sacrilegious, horrific, racist or xenophobic material, material relating to minors, or material which violates the privacy right of third parties and/or any other right, as well as any other material which Terminal has indicated that it does not want to receive and/or have transmitted through the Website and Services;

c)  engaging in and/or encouraging behaviours that are unlawful or likely to give rise to civil liability;

d)  engaging in activities that could, even only potentially, interfere with the correct operation of the Website and Services;

e)  altering its own identity in any way, pretending to be or to represent a third party, deleting or modifying, in whole or in part, data relating to TCP/IP addresses, e-mails and/or to any other electronic communication;

f)  engaging in any type of activity with the purpose of on-line marketing, especially if misleading;

g)  helping and supporting the involvement of third parties in the above mentioned activities.

The user must use the Website and Services with due care and caution. The user will be held responsible for materials, data and information submitted and / or made available to Terminal through the Website and Services. The user declares and  guarantees that all information sent and / or otherwise communicated to the Terminal through the Website and / or Services will be truthful, complete, not misleading, and offered in good faith, declaring as of now to have the right to send and / or communicate such information. The user accepts all risks associated with the use of information and data obtained through its use of the Website and Services.

Terminal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse and / or to delete content, information and data transmitted in violation of the obligations contained in these terms and conditions and to suspend or withdraw, without notice, access to any restricted areas of the Website and to the Services following any infringement, even partial, of the above mentioned obligations. Any attempt by the user to breach the obligations contained in these general terms and conditions will be treated as a breach of contract. Infringements and attempted infringements of the obligations contained in these terms and conditions by third parties acting on the user’s behalf will be attributed directly to the user. Similarly, the use of services offered by third parties unequivocally designed for and capable of giving rise to conducts prohibited under these terms and conditions and / or likely to compromise the correct operation of the Website and Services will also be considered an infringement, by the user, of the mentioned obligations.


1.3 Exclusion of Licence

The use of the Website and/or Services by the user does not imply any licence to use the  intellectual and industrial property whose present or future ownership is held by Terminal or third parties.


1.4 Prohibition of use of Links and Other Types of Hyperlink. Private Copy Right

The user is prohibited from using links and/or other types of hyperlink to the Website without prior written consent from Terminal, with the exception of possible links to the home page of the Website.

The user is entitled to store, permanently or temporarily, or to print one copy of the Website pages, solely and exclusively for personal use and not for  commercial purposes or for purposes connected with or related to the purchase of Terminal’s products and / or services, where applicable. The saved or printed pages may not be modified and / or altered, nor may the user remove and / or modify the information contained therein relating to the ownership of copyright and trademark rights. Without prejudice to the above provisions, it is not permitted to reproduce by any means (including on paper, storage on disk and / or other media, use on other websites), to distribute and disseminate by any means, or to alter or modify any of the pages contained in the Website


1.5 Responsibility for the Use of Passwords

The user must take all reasonable precautions in the use and storage of passwords, where applicable, so as to prevent access to restricted areas of the Website by unauthorised third parties (including its own employees, possible agents and representatives who are not authorised). Violations will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.


1.6 Copyright - Trademarks

Terminale GNL Adriatico Srl, Adriatic LNG, and other trademarks on the Website are registered trademarks of Terminal or their respective owners. Not all brands owned by Terminal are published on the Website and not all Services listed in the Website are available to the user. Some products and / or Services may be marketed only in certain countries and identified by trademarks used only locally. The Website may also contain trademarks owned by third parties, in which case the relative product or Service on the website will be make specific reference to these subjects.
The user may communicate, distribute copies to third parties, and reproduce the copyright protected materials published on the Website and owned by Terminal only if such materials are not in any way modified, altered and / or mutilated and providing no information, disclaimer or notes are removed from them. The user, in any case, is not allowed to use any such materials on other Websites.


2.       PRIVACY


2.1 General Information

For Adriatic LNG, protection of the Website users’ personal data is a fundamental priority. Below some general information are reported on the methods and purposes of the processing of the personal data collected from the user by this Website as well as the information that Adriatic LNG is obliged to provide to the user under Article 13 of Regulation EU 2016/679 amending Italian Law Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003 and which is contained in the document entitled "Statement". When the user accesses the Website, Terminal’s servers automatically collect the information needed in order to communicate with the user's personal computer during the visit. The servers also collect information on the number of times the user visits the Website, the most visited pages, the IP address assigned to the user’s personal computer, the browser type, and the date and time the Website is accessed. This information is processed for statistical purposes and allows Terminal to improve the structure and management of the Website. This information is collected and processed anonymously and it does not reveal the identity of the Website user or locate the place from which he/she accesses the Website. Terminal is not responsible for compliance with the personal data protection regulations by third parties that provide third-party websites, which may be connected through a link or hyperlink to the Website.


2.2 Exclusion of Guarantees

Subject to law regulating the present terms and conditions, the Website is made available and the Services are provided to the user by Terminal without explicit or implicit guarantees of any kind. Terminal does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the Website and the Services or  the absence of errors in the Website pages and / or uninterrupted operation of the application software of the Website itself. Terminal does not guarantee, moreover, that such errors will be corrected or that the Website and / or server does not contain viruses or other malicious programs. Finally, with regard to the use of the contents of the Website and / or Services, Terminal offers no guarantees in relation to their accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, updating, reliability and security.


2.3 Limitation of Liability

Within the limits of the law regulating the present terms and conditions, Terminal is not liable to the user or any third party for any damage that, directly or indirectly, might be caused as a result of use (or inability to use) the Website, the Services and / or the content of the Website and, in general, for the functioning of the Website itself or any of the products that may be described therein.


2.4 Non-confidentiality of Information and Materials Communicated through the Website

The user shall not transmit and / or communicate through the Website any information and / or materials that it considers confidential and private. Accordingly, any information received by Terminal through the Website will be considered non-confidential and public.


2.5 Use of Third-Party Websites

The user acknowledges that the Website pages may contain, at the sole discretion of Terminal, links to websites operated by third parties. The user accepts sole responsibility for and accepts all risks deriving from the use of these links to access these websites. Accordingly, Terminal cannot be held responsible for any viruses or other malicious programs that the user might encounter by accessing these sites. Terminal does not guarantee and has no responsibility for the operation of these links, and / or the content of the said third-party Websites.


2.6 Exchange of Information Between Users

The Website may contain some sections intended for communication and / or exchanges of information between users, including message boards, conversation groups and personal web pages. The user acknowledges that Terminal has the right to monitor, reduce and modify any part of the Website, including areas for the exchange of information between users. Terminal cannot, however, be held responsible for the content of these areas.


2.7 Request for Investment

None of the information on the Website is or may be considered as a request and / or an offer to purchase and / or sell securities and it shall not be used by the user as an element for evaluating possible investments.


2.8 The international nature of the Website

Access to some areas of the Website and / or to certain services may be allowed in some countries and prohibited in others. The user may access the Website only in accordance with the present terms and conditions and, in any case, in compliance with the mandatory rules in force in Italy in the field of electronic commerce, electronic communications and personal data protection.


2.9 Indemnification

The user declares and guarantees to indemnify Terminal, including its management team and employees, from any possible claim, action, demand, costs, expenses (including attorneys' fees), damages or loss arising from or in any way related to a user’s breach of these contractual terms and conditions.




Any dispute related directly or indirectly to the interpretation and / or execution of this agreement shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan, Italy. Alternatively,  at the sole discretion of Terminal, it may be referred to another of the courts established by law. This agreement is subject to Italian law.