Corporate and Market area

11 December 2023

Adriatic LNG's first ESG Review Report published: the company's focus on environmental, social and governance issues

Reported achievements and commitments in the areas of safety and health, environmental protection and respect for biodiversity, ethics and integrity of business processes, support for local communities and territorial development, inclusion and diversity.


05 July 2023

Adriatic LNG launches Open Season 2023

Adriatic LNG has launched the accreditation phase for Open Season 2023 aimed at operators of the natural gas market interested in acquiring regasification capacity. 


08 June 2022

Open Season 2022: Adriatic LNG kicks off the auction for operators interested in importing long-term liquified natural gas in Europe

Adriatic LNG has launched the accreditation phase for the Open Season 2022 for European and international operators interested in partaking the auction sessions for the allocation of regasification capacity in the period October 2022-December 2047.