Adriatic LNG has always been committed to supporting sporting, cultural and socio-educational events organized by the local communities, through investments and sponsorship.

Among the sports sponsorships of the past five years:

  • The “Adriatic LNG Circuit” races on the Po Delta, which is well known at the regional level;
  • The Roller Skating Ring “Pattinodromo Adriatic LNG” (ex Rovigo’s “Pattinodromo delle Rose”), a renowned and multi-functioning sports facility;
  • Multi-year support for the Baseball & Softball Society of Rovigo.

Among the most important sponsored cultural projects:

  • The multi-year collaboration with the Accademia dei Concordi di Rovigo;
  • Support for Venice La Fenice Theatre ;
  • The theatrical season of the Teatro Tullio Serafin of Cavarzere, and the annual event “La grande lirica sotto le stelle” (The Grand Opera Under the Stars)

A number of collaborations with schools, institutions and associations have generated various educational training courses and equipment donations. They include the driver education project “Vado sicuro”, which every year involves over 2000 children and young people from elementary and high schools.


A Fund for Polesine

Adriatic LNG has signed with local institutions represented by CONSVIPO (Consortium for the Development of Polesine), with the support of the Province of Rovigo, a series of agreements that ratify the mutual commitment to cooperate and support the development of the Territory.

The final agreement signed on 20 February 2008 establishes a fund of over 12 million euro to finance projects related to fisheries and programs in favor of the Po Delta Park, as well as activities aimed at the economic and social development of the Polesine, the promotion of the territory, innovation and support of welfare policies.