Board of Directors



Mohammed Ibrahim A. Al Sada


Managing Director

Timothy J. Kelly



Ali Abdulla Al-Mana (Non executive)

Aphale Chinar Ramchabdra (Non executive)

Dominic Genetti (Non executive)

Norma Fisk (Non executive)

Nazzareno D’Alessio (Non executive)


Board of Directors Secretary

Andrea Melchiorre


+39 02 636 981


Ethics and Integrity Model

Adriatic LNG finds inspiration in the principles of honesty, loyalty, transparency, integrity and respect towards people. The methods used to achieve results are as important as the results themselves. Integrity is at the base of the company’s commitment to operate in a responsible way through rigorous standards and corporate governance.

The Code of Ethics and the Integrity Model ensure that the fundamental values of the company are clearly defined and pursued, as they represent the standards of conduct by which employees, suppliers and collaborators must abide.


Adriatic LNG, in compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023 regarding Whistleblowing ("Decree"), has adopted a procedure for reporting violations, including those relating to the "231 system". More specifically, the subjects referred to in art. 3 of the Decree (employees, collaborators, interns, etc.) - who become aware of offenses or violations relating to the Code of Ethics or the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by Adriatic LNG as well as any other relevant violation pursuant to art. 2 of the Decree - will be able to make reports, even anonymously, by accessing a dedicated IT platform: https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/TerminaleGNLAdriaticoSrl