Flexibility and Temporary Storage

Tariff for the Flexibility Service and Tariff for Temporary Storage Service

With Resolution 438/2020/R/gas, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (“Authority”) has approved maximum tariff for the allocation of the flexibility services, with Resolution 355/2021/R/Gas the same Authority has approved the new methodology for the Allocation of the Flexibility Service through auction procedure.

The tariff for the Flexibility Service and for the Temporary Storage Service are composed by:

  • a subscription fee (CSS) which allows to access both the Flexibility and the Temporary Storage Services; and
  • an activation fee (CAS and/or CBO) of the chosen service; and
  • a delivery fee (CRF and/or CRS) of the chosen service.


- Flexibility Service = CSS + CAS + CRF

- Temporary Storage Service = CSS + CAS + CBO + CRS



The CSS fee, valid for for the Thermal Year 2021-2022, is determined with reference to the time period of the services:

CSS for 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) days: 100.000,00€

CSS for 30 (thirty) days: 12.000,00€

The duration of the subscription starts from the date of subscription of the service without prejudice to the satisfaction of the conditions for access.


 The CAS fee is 0 (zero), because included in the CSS subscription fee.


The variable CRF fee payable by the Flexibility Service User is defined at the end of the auction procedures organized on the specific Portal and is calculated on the absolute value of the (i) Redelivery Program Variation of the Flexibility Volumes actually redelivered or (ii) of the Gas exchange at the PSV.

For each Session, one or more reserve prices are defined by Adriatic LNG and delivered to a notary.

For each Session Adriatic LNG defines a single order of merit and allocates the Flexibility Service to the User of the Flexibility Service who has made the offer with the highest overall economic value, understood as the requested quantity, within the limits of the offer of the Operating Company, per the unit charge offered pay as bid as better defined in Annex (o) of the Regasification Code.


The variable fee valid for the Thermal Year 2021-2022, payable by the User, is calculated on the absolute value of the Redelivery Program Variation of the activated temporary storage volumes. The rate depends on the usage thresholds as provided below:

  • less than or equal to 33.000 MWh, the tariff is equal to € 0,10 / MWh;
  • greater than 33.000 MWh and less than or equal to 66.000 MWh, the tariff is equal to 0,13 € / MWh;
  • greater than 66.000 MWh, the tariff is equal to 0,18 € / MWh.

The rate must be considered in ranges. For example, if the User uses 55.000 MWh of temporary storage, he will have to pay the following amount:

33.000 MWh * 0,10 €/MWh + (55.000 MWh – 33.000 MWh) * 0,13 €/MWh

The Temporary Storage service is offered if there is no request for the flexibility service. At each term of validity of the CRS fee, the Operating Company may allocate the Temporary Storage Service trough auction procedures.


The calculation of the Boil-Off Fee is based on the following formula:

CBO = Cqs x 0,05% x (Temporary Storage volumes) x (n Temporary Storage Days)