Peak shaving

To access Peak Shaving service, the user pays Adriatic LNG the fees due for regasification service as determined by applying the regasification rates approved by the Authority of the Electric Energy, Gas and Water System (ARERA) (including the unit price commitment associated with contractual LNG volumes; transitory unit price, gas transfer measurement service and percentage share covering consumption and losses on behalf of the user).

In addition, the user pays to Adriatic LNG the fee for the transportation service as determined by LNG according to the Regasification Code , on the basis of the rates for the use of the National Gas Pipeline approved by the Authority of Electric Energy, Gas and Water System (ARERA), and taking into account the fees invoiced to Snam Rete Gas.

The user is responsible for all expenses (mooring, unmooring, tug boats, LNG customs clearing, etc.) related to importing and the docking of LNG carriers.

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