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Adriatic LNG celebrates Opening of the New Work Hub in Rovigo

Rovigo, November 24th, 2021 – Yesterday Adriatic LNG celebrated the opening of its work hub in Rovigo, a new, modern, and functional site that will bring together the company functions that directly support operations of the regasification terminal, located off the Veneto coastline, Italy. The headquarters continues to be in Milan in the prestigious location of Via Santa Radegonda, 8.

The event was attended by the new Qatari Ambassador to Italy, Khalid Bin Yousef Al Sada, the Prefect of Rovigo, Clemente Di Nuzzo, the regional councilor Cristiano Corazzari, and numerous institutional representatives of the city of Rovigo including the President of the Province Antonio Laruccia, the deputy mayor Roberto Tovo, and the Questore Giovanni Battista Scali.

Located within the Centro Servizi Spa (CenSer) complex in Rovigo, just outside the city centre, the new Work Hub will house around 50 employees in its 1,500 square meters, with the aim of creating an environment that fosters and promotes the sharing and enhancement of knowledge and professional skills within the Company.

The opening of the Rovigo Work Hub further strengthens the Company's presence in the territory. The move represents an essential step in the deployment of the new organizational model that Adriatic LNG has undertaken, with the aim to maintain its leading position in the regasification sector. The company has also opened a new headquarters located in central Milan, which will be the centre of corporate functions and will become the reference point for relations with national and international stakeholders.

“Today we are not only celebrating the opening of the new Rovigo work hub, but also a promising new era for Adriatic LNG that builds on a reputation of excellent performance,” said Joseph Pergler, Director of Terminale GNL Adriatico, and LNG Marketing and Terminals Manager, ExxonMobil Qatar. “ExxonMobil is proud to be a part of the success of the Adriatic LNG Terminal together with QatarEnergy as our partner. Adriatic LNG plays a strategic and vital role in the Italian energy system and will for years to come. It is a world-scale example of what can be achieved when stakeholders with vision work together for a common good – to deliver the energy needed to fuel economic growth, improve living standards, and reduce emissions.” he added.

Tim Kelly, Managing Director of Adriatic LNG, commented: "The world, and energy sector as a whole is going through a period of significant change. The energy industry faces major challenges in building a more sustainable future. In such a context, it is necessary to adapt and evolve to combine development objectives with economic and financial soundness. Thanks to the new organizational model and its integrated approach between the different company functions, we will be safer and more competitive. The new Work Hub will enable us to focus on our mission and realize our vision to continue to provide Italy with a secure and reliable source of energy, which can make a significant contribution to achieving decarbonization targets in a concrete and sustainable way for everyone."

Adriatic LNG’s Work Hub is perfectly integrated in the context of excellence and technological innovation of CenSer, which can boast the presence, within it, of an important university hub and of many dynamic and successful firms. The opening of new Veneto premises also aims at strengthening the link with the local territory, reinforcing relations with the local community and its representatives, who have always been characterized by dialogue, transparency, and cooperation. To date, 29 local companies are working with Adriatic LNG, representing about 56% of the total value of active contracts with suppliers. The Company highly values the employment of local resources: on over 103 employees distributed in the Milan headquarters, the Work Hub in Rovigo, and the offshore terminal – and more than one third (43) from the Veneto region, mainly from Rovigo and Venice. Adriatic LNG also supports various social, educational, health, cultural and sporting initiatives in cooperation with local authorities, associations, and NGOs, into which it has invested more than 2.8 million euros since its establishment.