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Adriatic LNG launches Open Season 2023

Milan, July 4th - Adriatic LNG, the company that operates the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification terminal in Italy and among the first in the Mediterranean area, has launched the accreditation phase for Open Season 2023 aimed at operators of the natural gas market interested in acquiring regasification capacity. 

With the Open Season 2023 Adriatic LNG offers the market regasification capacity available in the period between January 2029 - December 2048 and a new possible Incremental Capacity subject to conditions from the first quarter of 2026 and up to 20 years.

Operators can apply by July 14, 2023, to accredit themselves to participate in the binding phase of the 2023 Open Season, which will begin on July 19 and end on August 2, 2023. To accredit, operators will need to follow the directions provided in the Notice of Initiation of the Annual Subscription Procedure and the Auction Application Rules, which have been made available on Adriatic LNG's website.

The Incremental Capacity is subject to technical and financial/economic conditions and subject to obtaining authorization permits. In order to proceed with the possible realization of the Incremental Capacity, this decision will be made by the end of August 2023 or, at the latest, within two months from the date of signing the relevant Capacity Agreements in relation to the Incremental Capacity. 

Detailed action information on the available LNG regasification capacity offered and the Incremental Capacity subject to conditions is contained in the 2023 Offered Capacity Catalogue.

The Open Season 2023 provides an opportunity to increase LNG imports and, at the same time, diversify sources of supply, thereby fostering greater resilience of the energy system. To date, the Adriatic LNG terminal has received LNG from several geographic areas, including Qatar, the U.S., Egypt, Norway, Angola, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mozambique, confirming it as a reliable and strategic infrastructure for Italy and Europe.