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Contractors Safety Forum: Adriatic LNG focuses on teamwork to meet the company’s safety vision

Milan, February 20, 2018 – On Wednesday February 14, Adriatic LNG hosted the "Contractors Safety Forum" at Palazzo delle Stelline of Milan. This annual event focuses on the prevention of accidents at work and is organized by Adriatic LNG, the Company that operates the regasification terminal located off the Veneto coastline.

People's safety and health are key values in Adriatic LNGs philosophy, and this forum, which has been established in 2011, represents an important moment in which the Company, its suppliers and contractors share their safety experiences. In particular, this edition saw the presence of 13 companies involved in the regasification terminal's operations, including 6 from Veneto.

The event started with the presentation of the Adriatic LNG’s 2017 safety performance, learnings and improvements plans followed by the various presentations by the contractors' management team. Since its establishment, Adriatic LNG has operated in line with the corporate vision of "Nobody gets hurt!", by starting a path to grow and improve among companies it collaborates with: the path is based on an integrated system which enables to manage individual and operational risks concerning safety, health and the environment, in order to guarantee the protection of employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, local communities and, at the same time, an appropriate environmental safeguard.

This edition of the forum was characterized by the motto "Hurt-free! Together, let's make it possible", which underlines the importance of working together in a completely safe environment, avoiding incidents. "This is our vision and together we can make this happen; day by day we commit ourselves in enhancing risk mitigation measures, and we try to do that through a constant dialogue with our contractors and partners. Training, meetings, on-site visits, sharing procedures are key elements to grow together and improve our safety performance - explained Suresh Jagadesan, the Company's Managing Director.

On this occasion, Adriatic LNG delivered the first "Managing Director Safety Award": introduced during the last edition of the forum. The prize is awarded to the partner company which distinguishes itself for its commitment and strong cooperation in safety, hurt-free performance and exemplary leadership.

Once again, the "Contractors Safety Forum” proves to be an effective knowledge-sharing opportunity during which companies from different industry and geographical origins have the opportunity to make their experience available to the others giving insights for improvement. Learning from experience, keeping the guard up, sticking to procedures, setting the example are lessons we will carry with us after this day" explained Fabian Erle, Operations Manager of Adriatic LNG.