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Natural gas at the center of green logistics: Adriatic LNG’s recipe at the annual meeting of Assocostieri

Milan, 29 May 2018 - Gas as a source of sustainable energy and a key resource to facilitate the energy transition; the development of gas infrastructures in Italy and the need to make the market more competitive: these are the themes presented by Adriatic LNG during the workshop "Energy logistics focuses on green solutions”, an event organized by Assocostieri (Italian association of companies operating in the energy logistics) in Naples, during the annual meeting of the association.

Focused on crucial issues for the development of energy logistics, analyzing regulatory obligations and sustainable strategic choices, the workshop has been an opportunity of dialogue among representatives of the reference institutions and associated companies.

Adriatic LNG’s commercial manager Corrado Papa, speaking in the session "The development of LNG infrastructures in Italy", illustrated the situation of the regasification plants in Italy and Europe that, except for Adriatic LNG, where the utilization rate continues to be very high - equal to 82.5% in 2017 - are characterized by a low use - average rate of about 22% (source GLE) in the same period - highlighting the need for a greater competitiveness to attract LNG.

At the moment, in Europe, the infrastructures with the highest utilization rates are essentially those with capacity exempted from the third-party access and based on long-term contracts" - commented Corrado Papa. "This is the case of Adriatic LNG, whose exempted capacity, equal to 80% of the total capacity, is allocated to an important energy player. Thanks to an integrated business model, based on long-term contracts and investments both in the terminal and in the upstream, the Adriatic LNG terminal presents excellent results, managing to import about 10% of the Italian needs and increasing the security of the system through diversification of supplies".

In order to promote a greater competitiveness of LNG infrastructures, is essential that companies offer flexibility tools able to favor an optimized use of regasification terminals. "In a constantly evolving market such as that of LNG, is essential that companies are able to renew themselves, adapting their offer to the needs of customers. Peak Shaving, flexibility and temporary storage services that Adriatic LNG has implemented in recent years have shown to contribute effectively to the security and balancing of the gas market" added Corrado Papa.

Natural gas - which among the fossil fuels is the one with the lowest environmental impact - will play a primary role in the decarbonization process. The National Energy Strategy (SEN) adopted by the Italian Ministries of Economic Development and the Environment at the end of 2017 considers gas a key resource in the energy security of the Country and promotes the increase of the use of liquefied natural gas. The Adriatic LNG terminal, as a source of supply of this resource, plays therefore a key role in both the national and European energy scenario.