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New success of Adriatic LNG’s Peak Shaving service procedure: 70,000 cubic meters of LNG available to Snam Rete Gas for the winter of thermal year 2018/19

Milan, 10 October 2018 - The tender procedure to all operators in the LNG market for the Peak Shaving service, organized by Adriatic LNG for the Ministry of Economic Development, was completed yesterday.
Peak Shaving is one of the measures of the "Emergency Plan" set by the Ministry of Economic Development decree to ensure security of supply to the national gas system for next winter.
The LNG market operator who won the service will make available to Snam Rete Gas a quantity of 70,000 cubic meters of LNG, which will be loaded in to the Adriatic LNG Terminal’s tanks during the second half of October 2018.
In case of emergency, a reduction or interruption of one or more supply sources, or an exceptional peak of gas demand that can significantly affect supplies - this service will allow to regasify the LNG stored in the tanks of the Terminal and deliver gas into the national grid.
Within the limits of the quantities of LNG delivered, the service will be available to Snam Rete Gas from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. Remaining gas will then be returned to the market operator in April 2019.
Adriatic LNG is pleased to contribute strategically to the security of gas supply, building on the success of the past four years.