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Adriatic LNG, the company that operates the regasification terminal located off the Veneto coast, announces the arrival of its 1,000th LNG cargo, the Tembek.

Since 2009, Adriatic LNG has made a significant contribution to the diversification of natural gas supply sources in Italy and Europe by sending out approximately 85 billion cubic metres of natural gas into the national grid and receiving LNG cargoes from several supplier countries (including Qatar, the United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Norway, Egypt and recently also Mozambique) and re-exporting countries (such as China, Belgium and France).

With the arrival of the 1,000th LNG cargo  Adriatic LNG confirms to maintain high safety standards, a high level of operational excellence and a remarkable ability to respond to the challenges of the gas and LNG markets.

In a European market characterised by high competitiveness and uncertainty, Adriatic LNG has succeeded in confirming itself as an attractive infrastructure operator for international players, as also confirmed by the success of the Open Season 2021 and 2022 procedures.

Adriatic LNG launched a market survey in the last days to verify, on a non-binding basis, the possible interest of operators  for capacity available from January 2029. Currently the available regasification capacity  is about 600 million cubic metres/year from 2029 to 2033; one billion 180 million cubic metres for 2034; over 8 billion cubic metres/year from 2035 to 2042; the entire regasification capacity (equal to 9 billion cubic metres/year) from 2043 to 2052. In addition, Adriatic LNG is willing to consider an increase of the current maximum capacity of 9 billion cubic metres/year.

The Tembek departed from the port of Ras Laffan in Qatar and travelled approximately 4,500 nautical miles to reach the Adriatic LNG regasification terminal. The Tembek is a "Q-flex" category vessel, among the largest LNG cargoes available on the market, with a capacity to transport up to 217,000 liquid cubic metres of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Adriatic LNG is the only regasification terminal in Italy that can also accommodate this type of LNG cargo, with an obvious benefit in terms of optimising the volumes unloaded.