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Adriatic LNG and Polesine Film Commission together to promote the local area

Adriatic LNG supports Polesine Film Commission in the making of an historical reenactment film “Come mirano giusto costoro”, directed by Ferdinando de Laurentis and dedicated to the famous battle of Occhiobello of 1815.

The movie was shot among Lusia, the banks of the Po River in Garofolo, Polesella, Occhiobello and Fratta Polesine and tells how a family of Occhiobello lived the days of April 7th and 8th 1815 while, not far away from their house, Murat’s army was trying to cross the river, fighting against Austrian troops. The action was a failure but it launched the idea of a united and independent Italy.

The cooperation between Adriatic LNG and the Polesine Film Commission began 5 years ago with an important objective for Polesine’s territory: to effectively support the film industry and foster film tourism, namely tourism that provides a link with film locations. Adriatic LNG, besides contributing to the making of the photography exhibition and the catalogue titled “Ciak lungo il Po” has also sponsored “Progetto Kafka” consisting in a feature film “Nella Colonia Penale” by Luigi Di Gianni. Both the film activities participated to Venice Film Festival that next year will be stage for the new film too.