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Adriatic LNG receives the first LNG cargo from Nigeria

The first LNG cargo from Nigeria has been successfully discharged at the Adriatic LNG terminal. The British Sapphire, delivering a cargo of about 145,000 cubic meters of LNG, equivalent to 88 million cubic meters of gas, had left from Bonny Port and has arrived at the offshore terminal after 12 days of navigation.

The import of LNG from Nigeria has been made possible thanks to a new mixing service offered by Adriatic LNG. This new service consists of mixing the LNG inside the terminal tank to bring it within certain parameters of the Wobbe Index before delivering gas into the grid. This service, currently offered on an experimental basis, can be offered to all customers who will request it and is subject to operating conditions such as, for example, the redelivery and the quantity of LNG available in the terminal’s tanks.

The British Sapphire is the 524th carrier to arrive at the Adriatic LNG terminal from the end of 2009: at date, the terminal has delivered to the national pipeline network more than 44 billion cubic meters of gas. Adriatic LNG's new service confirms the terminal as a strategic infrastructure for the energy system: by allowing Italy to receive LNG from countries that previously could not be sourced from, the terminal increases the diversification of sources of gas supply, contributing to a greater competitiveness of the gas market.