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• On February 21 Adriatic LNG celebrates the arrival of the 500th LNG carrier, the Al Marrouna, coming from Qatar.

• In the same month Adriatic LNG relocates its Shore Base to new offices, within the municipality of Porto Viro: covering an area of more than 50,000 m2 the structure is equipped with a heliport and aggregates all the activities concerning the transport of goods and people to and from the terminal.

• 2017 also distinguishes itself for another increase of the terminal's utilization rate (82.5%, with peaks over 95% in July and September) and the expansion of import sources: for the first time, the terminal received LNG cargoes from the United States and Nigeria.

• The acquisition of Edison's 7.3% stake in Adriatic LNG completed by Snam, confirms once again the strategic role of the terminal and the interest of the main sector's operators towards the Company. Though the sale of its stake, Edison remains Adriatic LNG's main client.

• First “Managing Director Safety Award” given to the best performing contractor on safety


Operational results  
Carriers offloaded 77
Gas cm sent out into the national grid 6.6 billion
Allocation rate of the ragasification capacity 82.5%
Reliability rate 99.9%