Adriatic LNG has marked the start of a new era within the national energy supply system, now guaranteeing access to the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) global market, which provides a new, safe, clean and reliable energy source, and thereby increasing and diversifying its sources.

Apart from LNG regasification, the Adriatic LNG terminal offers additional services that ensure flexibility and temporary gas storage. In this way its clients will be able to store LNG for a given period of time and modify – on a daily basis – the gas redelivery schedule.

The services offered by the terminal include Peak Shaving, which offers the possibility of using stored LNG in case of emergency in the national system, as well as possible changes occurring in gas redelivery, to support the Snam Gas Network.

Moreover, Adriatic LNG offers integrated regasification services and storage to its corporate clients. To ensure safe mooring at the terminal, Adriatic LNG can count on expert pilots and highly specialized crews, thanks to its agreements with maritime companies.