Peak shaving


Adriatic LNG has successfully completed the peak shaving service procedure

The tender procedure organized by Adriatic LNG on behalf of the Ministry of ecological transition (“MITE”) and opened to all operators in the LNG market for the peak shaving service, has been successfully completed.

The peak shaving service is one of the measures of the "Emergency Plan" to ensure security of supply to the national gas system during the winter 2021/2022.

In case of emergency, this service will allow to regasify up to 60,000 cubic meters of LNG previously stored in the tanks of the terminal and available to Snam Rete Gas until February 28th, 2022.

Adriatic LNG is pleased to contribute again to the national security of the gas supply system.


On December 6, 2021 Adriatic LNG announced (Italian part of website) the start of the procedure for allocation of the Peak Shaving service for the Thermal Year 2021/2022:

The purpose of the procedure is to identify the operator who will make 60,000 cubic meters of LNG available for temporary storage in the terminal tanks of Adriatic LNG for the purpose of the peak shaving service i.e. deliver regasified LNG into the national gas network at short notice in the event of a gas system emergency.

In the event that the emergency is not declared, the LNG is regasified in March 2022.

Starting from December 6 and until December 15, 2021 14.00 C.E.T., any interested operators can make an offer in accordance with the procedure.

The unloading slot for peak shaving is: 2 - 6 January 2022.


For further information and details please contact: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it