Adriatic LNG offers a Flexibility Service that allows Regasification Service Users and Transport System Users who are not users of the Regasification Service to enjoy increase or decrease of quantities of gas on the same Gas Day (D) and / or on the following Day (D + 1), with compensation on the following Days.

The Flexibility Service is allocated by the Operating Company through pay as bid auction procedure.

The Service is offered according to the resolutions of the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (“ARERA”)1), implemented in the Regasification Code.

The economic conditions of the Flexibility Service for the reference period are published and updated at the following link.


Flexibility Service offer is subject to the allocation of regasification capacity, technical constrains and operating conditions of the plant.  Please contact us, before subscribing, to receive indicative information about service availability: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it


1Resolution n. 660/2017/R/Gas and the latest resolution n. 355/2021/R/Gas.


Access to the Flexibility Service and Temporary Storage Service for the Flexibility Service Users (respectively Service Subscription Form for Regasification Service Users / Flexibility Contract for Transport System Users) is offered for a duration of 30 (thirty) days or 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) days.

The rules applied to request and allocate the Flexibility Service are provided in the Annex (o) of the Regasification Code and in the Technical Operating Provisions (“Disposizione Tecnica di Funzionamento”, “DTF” in English courtesy translation ) attached hereafter.

The tariff is available here.




For further information please contact: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it 



All relevant information related to the Flexibility Service is available in the dedicated Flexibility Portal .