Open Season






Open Season 2024 is coming, Adriatic LNG proposes the Available Capacity starting from January 2029, in consideration of the operative conditions and information up to date.




The Non-Constant regasification capacity, as set forth with interministerial authorization decree No. 280 of 3 October 2023, from 0.1 to a maximum of 0.6 billion Sm3/year, is not part of the Available Capacity offered.

The Terminal Capacity is determined by considering the technical and operational limits of the Terminal, send-out capacity, Storage capacity, and the available pipeline capacity at the Cavarzere Entry Point known at the date of this publication and taking into account the number and duration of Unloading Slots.

For further clarification do not hesitate to contact us: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it





The  2023 closed with the allocation of all the Incremental Capacity offered, equal to 0.5 BCM/year from January 2026 to December 2045, for a total of 10 BCM. 


Following the achievement of the final decision relating to proceeding with the construction of the Incremental Capacity, Adriatic LNG informs that the start of the service is expected at the latest by the first quarter of the year 2026 based on the technical considerations currently available and subject to evaluation of a possible launch of the service as early as the last quarter of 2025.