Icona Virtual Liquefaction

Adriatic LNG offers a Virtual Liquefaction Service which allows Users of the Regasification Service and Users of the Transportation Service who are not users of the Regasification Service, to deliver to the Operator a quantity of Gas at the PSV on day D for the same day D and/or for day D+1 and to receive the availability of an equivalent quantity of LNG in the Terminal's storage facilities with subsequent Redelivery.

The Virtual Liquefaction Service is allocated by the Operating Company to a competitive pay as bid auction procedure.

The offer of this service is regulated by the resolutions of the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (“ARERA”)1), implemented in the Regasification Code.

The economic conditions of the Virtual Liquefaction Service for the reference period are published and updated at the following link.


The offer of the Virtual Liquefaction Service is subject to the trend of the regasification capacity allocation, technical constraints and the operating conditions of the plant.
Please contact us for indicative information on the availability of the service: alng_mercato@adriaticlng.it


1Resolution n. 469/2023/R/Gas of 17/10/2023.