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Authorities, institutions and local fishing associations visit the Adriatic LNG Terminal

Adriatic LNG hosts representatives of the local community to visit the Adriatic LNG Terminal in order to witness in person the technological innovation and highest standards of safety, health and environmental protection. Located offshore Porto Levante (in the province of Rovigo), 15 kilometres off the Veneto coastline, the Adriatic LNG Terminal plays a strategic role for the diversification and security of energy supplies to Italy.

Many authorities and institutions took part in the event: Oscar Tosini, President of Commission for the Environment of Rovigo Province, Luigi Pizzo, Vice President of Consvipo, Geremia Gennari, President of the Delta Po Park and Mayor of Porto Viro, Bruno Piva, Mayor of Rovigo. Many local Mayors participated - Adria, Loreo and Rosolina – as well as the Environment Assessor of Porto Tolle and the Vice Mayor of Cavarzere (Venice) where the Adriatic LNG’s metering station is located. Some representatives from trade unions attended the event.

The event was a great opportunity to reinforce the relationships with local institutions, thanks to a wide participation by fishermen Associations’ representatives, who could interact with the Terminal technicians and have an in-depth view on the actions took by the Company to protect the marine eco-system. Leaving from Adriatic LNG’ Shore Base in Porto Viro (Rovigo) all the participants, together with the top management of the company, travelled the Terminal by boat. A guided tour of the structure then followed, led by the Director of the terminal, Mr. John Fraser.

“We are pleased to open our door to representatives of the local community with whom we are committed to maintain a transparent and pro-active dialogue with the local community where we operate”.- says Alistair Routledge, Managing Director- “It is an opportunity to see firsthand how safe and clean is the Terminal and how professional the operating it.”

“We are proud of our contribution to Italy through this energy infrastructure which put Veneto and Polesine at the centre of technological innovation” – says Carlo Mangia, Techinical Manager – “Regasification is a quite simple process: we heat LNG up to the point at which it turns to gas. Our terminal is a unique facility in this industry - it won the 2010 Platts Award as the Best Infrastructure Project in the world - and uses state-of-the-art technologies, which limit energy consumption, while respecting the marine eco-system. More energy efficiency means reduced CO2 emissions”

With a nominal regasification capacity of 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, approximately 10% of the country’s natural gas consumption, inaugurated in October 2009, the Adriatic LNG Terminal opened up the Italian market to new supplies of gas from different regions through the successful delivery of more than 90 cargoes to date, coming mainly from Qatar but also from Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago and, most recently, from Equatorial Guinea and Norway. The Terminal is a strategic gateway for LNG global imports to Italy and, in this way, is contributing to improve the country’s energy security of supply.