Corporate and Market area

11 December 2018

Adriatic LNG at the 3rd AIEE Symposium on Energy

The role of natural gas and in particular of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the energy transition is the theme that Adriatic LNG presented at the 3rd International Symposium organized by the Italian Association of Energy Economists (AIEE), an edition dedicated to current and future challenges in energy security.


10 October 2018

New success of Adriatic LNG’s Peak Shaving service procedure: 70,000 cubic meters of LNG available to Snam Rete Gas for the winter of thermal year 2018/19

The tender procedure to all operators in the LNG market for the Peak Shaving service, organized by Adriatic LNG for the Ministry of Economic Development, was completed.


28 September 2018

Adriatic LNG offers Peak Shaving service: a tender has been issued to identify parties available to supply LNG

For the fifth consecutive year, the Ministry of Economic Development has selected the Adriatic LNG terminal for the Peak Shaving service, confirming its strategic role for the Italian gas system