Icona Regasification

Regasification service offered by Adriatic LNG includes:

  • Berthing of LNG carriers;
  • LNG unloading;
  • Storage of LNG for the time necessary for the redelivery of the gas;
  • Regasification of LNG; and 
  • Redelivery of natural  gas in the national gas pipeline network.

On an annual  basis every year at the latest in the months of June and July, Adriatic LNG offers its capacity for mid- and long-term periods (up to twentyfive years) and, on a weekly basis, the infra-annual capacity (e.g. until the end of the thermal year).

The price of the regasification capacity is defined at the outcome of the auctions for the infra-annual capacity and for the multi-year capacity.

If you want to have an overview on Adriatic LNG regasification service overall costs – including the cost to enter the national network please clink on this link: Tariff Calculator


Furthermore, the regasification service gives the possibility to access ancillary flexibility services (Temporary Storage and Flexibility in the redelivery of gas).